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Certified Virgin Argan Oil

Organic Virgin Argan oil has remained a strictly kept secret, known only to Berber people in Morocco, who used it for either for cosmetic benefit, culinary and healing many skins and body diseases such as scars, eczema, acne and psoriasis.

this fantastic news has caused surges in the cosmetic industry. The Argan plant, from studies, has survived the extreme environmental conditions of the nation to deliver kernels which component we can consider the most valuable oil in the world. Argan remains one of the costliest on the planet due to its limited quantity and conventional production. In comparison, the organic virgin Argan oil is linkned to gold because of its value.

For centuries the women of Morocco have been admired worldwide for their youthful faces and lush, rich hair that looks nice well into advanced age. Some explorers thought there must be a fountain of youth, but they soon discovered the secret to be an all natural oil coming from a local tree.

Thus the miracle of 100% all-natural and completely pure virgin Argan Oil was conceived. It is now one of the most revered natural substances on Earth. Millions of people all over the world use Pure Argan Oil like the one exported by Oriental Group (we export to 104 countries).

We offer Argan Oil in Bulk and wholesale Argan Oil products that represent the very finest of Morocco’s proud tradition. You can get just as much 100% pure Argan Oil as you want here.

The multiple benefits of natural argan oil for the skin
The use of argan oil for the skin is a valuable aid to prevent premature aging and protect the skin from the damage caused by daily pollution and the sun. But not only that.
Argan oil softens the skin

Argan oil contains vitamin E, it is rich in natural antioxidant, essential to maintain the dynamism of the skin. Then use our 100% natural and pure argan oil for the face but also for the body and hair. Thanks to her, they will regain vigor and flexibility.
This natural argan oil gives nutrients to the skin

Nourish your skin with argan oil, it brings it all the nutrients necessary for its operation and its maintenance over time.
Argan oil helps pregnant women

This totally natural oil is suitable for pregnant women in massage to improve the elasticity of the skin and acts as an oil against stretch marks. By using natural argan oil, everyone, during his life, will find benefit and real utility. Its use even at very high doses will only be beneficial for the skin.
An oil against cracked skin

For very dry and rough hands, very dry feet with calluses, cracked skin, we recommend doing a cure of argan oil. By applying it by massage every night before going to bed and if you can, at different times of the day. Your skin will then regain its softness, its radiance. The result will be spectacular.

Without a doubt, it is a product from which one can derive great benefits both internally with argan oil and externally in the field of beauty. Test yourself to witness the benefits of natural argan oil. 

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